MEMORY FOAM - Steel Magnolias


"With songs running at speeds faster than a gulp of hot sake, the debut album from Tāmaki five piece tempur-pedic punks Memory Foam is a shot of intense electric fuzz and chaos that moshs harder than a pit of angsty mohawk-robots tanked up on Tokyo Dry." - Tim Gruar, Ambient Light Blog

"I am not exaggerating by saying this is the most exciting collection of songs I have heard in years...  ...Sonic abandon and energy collide with a cohesive sense of purpose that pulls you in immediately and throws you in all directions." - Paul Goddard,

"Coming out of the gate like a dragster in flames intent on setting a land-speed record, this album by an Auckland five-piece is a collision of flat-tack and driving drumming, metal-edge guitar and Yuko Miyoshi's declamatory, yelping post-punk vocals... ...Don't let the band name fool you. This is not a comfortable mattress but rather a bed of white-hot nails." - Graham Reid,


Once described by UnderTheRadar as "a non-stop barrage of catchy hooks and face melting psych guitar solos," Tāmaki Makaurau’s Memory Foam are a force to be reckoned with. The five-piece guitar/synth post-punk outfit were founded in 2019 by Auckland DIY stalwart Samuel Moore and have been going from strength to strength ever since. Having garnered attention in the international indie-blogosphere and becoming firm favourites on student radio across Aotearoa in 2021, Memory Foam’s ferocious, noisy, Mike Logie co-produced debut album Steel Magnolias is here.


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