TOOMS -Fake Teeth LP (180g Black vinyl)



15 track debut LP from Auckland based post-punk doom-pop two piece, Tooms

Members Dorian Noval (Jazmine Mary, Natural Glow, Exit Fear), and Nich Cunningham (The Moonlight, Lost Rockets), offer up an uncouth and disheveled sound that is engaging and off-kilter with their intertwining Jekyll and Hyde vocals, fuzzy bass, and catastrophic drumming. Playing a distinct, idiosyncratic version of punk.
Speaking of the album, vocalist Nich says, "Rather than simply documenting a live performance, Fake Teeth instead intends to subtly extend our sound and best represent our relentlessly bleak worldview.
"Some people are really good at channeling their musical ideas into a coherent style. Tooms isn't like that. Tooms isn't that deliberate. Tooms is ugly bile bubbling up from the subconscious." -

"There’s lots of things to love in this album – the complexity and power of the sound. The variety of noise and composition throughout... ...If someone were trying to grapple with dark times, then this might be an expression of those times.  ...a solid, formidable and hearty album."- 4/5 Lou Clement,

Tooms talk about the songs - Chris Cudby, undertheradar

Dorian Noval (Drums, Vocals)

Nich Cunningham – (Bass, Vocals).

Recorded by Nich

Pressed at Holiday Records, Auckland

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