Three new releases currently touring the USA September 25 2017

We've been lazy with the communications but busy in the background with three releases in the last month - Bloodbags - Dead Eyes 7" EP, Echo Ohs - Hot Pockets 12" and Magic Factory - Working with Gold 12". To be honest the actual work has been by the bands who are all currently touring the states and meeting up for a Gonerfest takeover in Memphis. It's amazing to get three NZ bands playing there this year and we are stoked they all have taken 1:12 vinyl with them.
All three pieces of shiny new vinyl have had 300 copies made and are available from this website or direct from the bands. If you buy it from the band then that supports them directly, if you buy it from us, then it funds our next release, if you buy it from one of our fine on-sellers (like the kind people of Flying Out) then you support us and NZ record stores.
We don't mind which one you choose!