1:12 Party Release - 20th June June 16 2020

We just posted our first compilation including 14 tracks by 14 of Auckland's best DIY bands, poking their heads up out of the post-lockdown underground. This has been a huge effort from so many people so thanks to all the bands and others who have helped.

In other news, we have changed our shipping pricing so you only pay for the first record and any extra weight or packaging required is on us. Also, spend over $80 in NZ, $120 in Aus or $120 for the rest of world and the shipping is on us.


Three new releases currently touring the USA September 25 2017

We've been lazy with the communications but busy in the background with three releases in the last month - Bloodbags - Dead Eyes 7" EP, Echo Ohs - Hot Pockets 12" and Magic Factory - Working with Gold 12". To be honest the actual work has been by the bands who are all currently touring the states and meeting up for a Gonerfest takeover in Memphis. It's amazing to get three NZ bands playing there this year and we are stoked they all have taken 1:12 vinyl with them.
All three pieces of shiny new vinyl have had 300 copies made and are available from this website or direct from the bands. If you buy it from the band then that supports them directly, if you buy it from us, then it funds our next release, if you buy it from one of our fine on-sellers (like the kind people of Flying Out) then you support us and NZ record stores.
We don't mind which one you choose!

Roy Irwin - S.O.D.A. released February 16 2016

Roy just released his vinyl on valentines day, after two weeks with Demons Cave at number 1 on the bfm top 10 (and The Raw Nerves at number 2!). 

Have copies to sell here or at Roy's gigs. If you can, go see him play with band PISS (Kim, Rapley and Vincent) - these songs sound incredible with that band.

The Raw Nerves second album (More Nerves) is also finally here and due for release around 18th March. 

Releases update December 14 2015

Three new pieces of vinyl have hit the store: BLOODBAGS Glass eye / Talkin apes 7",  THE CONJURORS 45 12" EP and THE CAVEMEN 12" LP.

ROY IRWIN S.O.D.A. 12" vinyl is back and for release fairly early in 2016. 

Meanwhile, The RAW NERVES second album More Nerves is a few weeks off finally landing in NZ after some issues with the first pressing. Will tell you more once it gets in.

Happy xmas / NY all



Upcoming releases in 2015 June 15 2015

A few killer releases are coming up in 2015, starting with the BLOODBAGS Glass eye / Talkin apes 7" in the next few weeks. After that expect the RAW NERVES second album More Nerves in Winter / Spring followed by ROY IRWIN S.O.D.A. 12",  THE CONJURORS 45 12" EP and THE CAVEMEN 12" LP later in the year (the first video for the cavemen is out now). All five of these records are sounding great and Kim and I can't believe how lucky we have been to be working with these bands.

Meanwhile the incredible COOL RUNNINGS 10" is trapped in the US while we are being quietly screwed for shipping by the pressing plant (our fault for not using the brilliant Bill Smith Custom Records like we usually do, but they couldn't cut a 10" for us so we tried another plant...). This record is too good to leave undone so we will get it back somehow - sorry about the delay to the band and the fans who want it.

Other projects in the pipeline include a 7" (or bigger) from THE ADMIRAL who have a new digital EP on their band camp site including my current favourite song, Let it go.